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February 20, 2013
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Your heart sank. You couldn't think of anything to resolve what had happened. Your mind was blank, your brain wasn't functioning. You strained your head to think of something, but nothing ever came to mind. The grip around your pencil tightened as you tapped it against your head, your lip, your desk, anything.

You were at an art block.

A groan of frustration escaped your lips, and you threw your pencil across your bedroom. Your forehead made contact with your desk as another groan escaped your lips. This time, a groan of pain. You sat like that for what felt like thirty minutes, but was only three, before picking yourself and throwing yourself against your bed, your face making contact with your soft sheets.

You moved to Japan two years earlier, thinking that you would be able to write and illustrate your own manga. But it proved to be the opposite. Because you would be surrounded by so much manga and so much anime, you immediately thought you could do it. You packed your things without thinking of any consequences and left your hometown. But now, because your dreams hadn't turned out how you thought they would, you held a job at an editing company.

You turned onto your back and stared up at the white ceiling above you. It was covered in posters of your favorite anime and manga and occasional bands. You read the characters written on them, the words all too familiar to you already. You practiced your Japanese anytime you could, but you still weren't very fluent in the language for a person who's stayed there for two years. You frowned at your ceiling. Maybe it was time to get new posters.

Suddenly, you heard your doorbell ring through the apartment. You sat up at glanced at your wrist watch, realizing that it was time for the mail to arrive. Thinking that it was the mailman at the door, you stood and walked to the threshold of your door. You twisted the doorknob and opened the door to be greeted by the unfamiliar face of a new mailman. You smiled to him and took the envelopes from his hand, thanking him before closing the door.

You shuffled through the letters and bills, tossing advertisements into the bin. Then a letter with your company's logo stamped onto the front caught your attention. You walked into your living room and placed the rest of the unopened mail onto the coffee table, your attention focused on the letter adressed to you from the editing company. What could they possibly want? You ripped it open and scanned through it, reading the words you figured out out loud.

"Dear, (l/n)-san blah blah blah. We are welcoming a new employee blah blah. Please welcome him with respect," you read with the utmost interest. "I honestly do not care."

You tossed the letter onto the coffee table with the rest of the mail and plopped down onto the couch. You turned the television on, already on a channel that played anime with English subtitles. The screen showed your favorite anime Hetalia: Axis Powers on a marathon. You mentally cheered as a slight smile curled your lips. It was just getting to the good part of the episode when your phone sitting next to the pile of mail rang loudly. Your smile disappeared into an angered frown and picked up the phone to look at the collar ID.

"What is it, Alfred?!" You screamed, knowing that your American coworker you were talking to spoke fluent English.

"Woah, dude. Calm down," he spoke.

Your teeth started to grit together. Your frustration from earlier started to come back and build up. "I'm not in the mood, Alfred," you breathed as you tried calming yourself down. "Now what is it that you want?!"

"We need you at the office," your coworker said plainly.

You threw your head back onto the couch. "Really? Right now?"

"Yeah, dude. Right now," he replied, confirming that today was going to be a terrible day.

You sighed, "Fine. I'll be there in fifteen to twenty minutes, depending on how bad traffic is." You hung up the phone, and your index and thumb made their way to the bridge of your nose.

You sighed again, picked yourself up, and walked to your room to change into some work appropriate clothes.

~Time Skip~

Your heels clicked along the pavement as your pencil skirt made it difficult to move your legs. You came to a stop at a crosswalk, and you stared straight until it was time to cross. You held a tight grip on your purse as you passed people. You didn't really need the thing, but it made it easy to sneak snacks into the office.

Once at the other side of the crosswalk, you turned to the direction the company's building and moved your legs into that direction the best you could. You passed by many tall buildings and many stalls that sold different foods or toys, but you simply ignored everything and kept walking. You lived there for two years, passing by the same things everyday; you had gotten used to seeing all those things.

A cool breeze blew against you and you pulled your sweater closer to yourself. Fall was coming to a close, and winter was nearing, but it felt like winter already began. After walking a couple of blocks, you managed to arrive at your destination two minutes before the specified time you had given Alfred.

You sighed as you walked through the lobby, heading straight to the elevators to take you to the eighth floor. Just as you pressed the up button and started waiting for the elevator to arrive, your mind started wandering to what the guys from Hetalia were doing right now, the show being shown on that channel and all. Now that you thought about it, and you didn't know why you hadn't realized it before, but your American coworker eerily resembled America. And the fact that he acted a lot like the personification of the country didn't help.

The sound of a ding, signalling that the elevator had arrived to the lobby floor, snapped you out of your thoughts. Your head flicked up, and you noticed that other people had gathered around to enter the elevator. When the metal doors opened, you stepped into the cramped space as others did so as well. As soon as the metal doors started closing, you felt that there was too many people in the small space. You even thought that the amount of people exceeded the weight limit, but oddly enough, it didn't and you didn't come crashing down onto the lobby floor.

Feeling the heavy elevator come to a slow stop, you breathed a relieved sigh, Finally! You were able to get out of that tight Hell! Everyone started filing out as soon as the metal doors opened for a second time that day. And when you walked out of the elevator, leaning against the wall across the hall, you were met with Alfred's face. He wore a calm smile on his face, unlike you expected. He said they needed you in the office. You expected to be greeted with panick or worry or disstress, but your expectations were wrong that it almost made you mad.

"Alfred!" You snapped, and he looked up to return your glare with a look of confusion. "What'd you call me in for?!"

"Oh, (f/)," he started in a sing-song voice, walking up to you and placing a hand on your shoulder. "It's nothing! We don't need you anymore!"

It was as if you were a ticking time-bomb; it was only a matter of seconds -- no, barely miliseconds -- before you would explode.

"...What?" You hissed through your teeth. This sudden change in personality scared your coworker, making him drop his hand.

"You called me here for nothing?!" You screamed at him, pounding at his chest. You were just about to wring his neck before a light hand was placed on your shoulder.

"Prease don't take your anger out on Alfred-san," a man with a prominent Japanese accent spoke.

He can speak English?! It surprised you that this man could speak English. All the Japanese people you've met could never speak proper English; it would usually come out in fragments than actual sentences.

"It was me who took the job you were called here for," he spoke again. This time, you turned to face the mystery man. At the sight of him, your eyes widened.

"Japan?!" You exclaimed. What a very big Hetalian you were...

But the Japanese was taken back by the name. No one had really called him that; not even the crazed Hetalians he knew did. His eyes widened as yours were replaced with excitement and happiness that you were practically jumping up and down in your place.

"Um, I think you have him mistaken for someone else, dude," Alfred chimed in, ruining your excitement. As soon as what he said registered in your mind, a blush crept onto your cheeks. You stopped jumping and you stopped squealing, and as you kept thinking of what Alfred said, the blush on your cheeks grew redder.

"I-I... G-go... G-gomenasai!" You cried as you bowed down to the Japanese man. "I'm very sorry I called you that! Y-you just look like Japan from Hetalia so much!"

You slowly regained your composure as your eyes met with the man's brown eyes. His eyes even replicated Japan's new animation's eyes, and it made you wonder if they used to be as soulless as they were drawn before. Even his hair was different! It made you wonder the same thing, and you were tempted to ask but restrained yourself from doing so.

"It's arr right, I suppose. I get that a rot," he said quietly, and you nodded.

"So, are you the new employee I've been told about?" You inquired, curious to know. In all honesty, you wanted to see this man more often, and you deeply hoped that he really was the new employee.

He nodded and bowed, and your eyes lit up. "Hai, I am. I am Honda Kiku. It is a preasure to meet you."

"I am (l/n) (f/n). And it is wonderful that I've met you, Honda-san," you smiled and bowed also. "I guess I'll be seeing you more often, huh?"

"Hai," he replied with the slightest smile tugging at the corners of his lips.

~Time Skip Brought To You By You Who Hasn't Realized Alfred's Transformation Just Like In The Anime. Seriously, dude. You need to notice this stuff~

It had been three months since Honda-san's arrival to the company. Since then, he's asked you to just call him Kiku if they were to bump into each other throughout Tokyo. And also, since then, you've seen him more often, just as you'd wished. But every time you try to approach him in public, he would get more timid than usual.

This was one of those times.

You were out in the neighborhood park. It was nearing the offical end of winter and the offical start of spring. But just like months before, you were at an art block, and you hadn't gotten anywhere with the manga you planned on publishing. You thought that fresh air and a stroll through the park would help you relieve yourself of the brick wall that stood in your way. You brought your sketch book and a pencil in case you felt like sketching something, and it was a good thing you did because you decided to draw the sakura trees that were scattered around the park.

You were sitting on a bench right in front of a sakura blossom tree. It looked as if it were about to bloom, but you knew it was too early for it to. Nonetheless, you sketched it with its flowers blossoming, and petals being carried in wind. A smile tugged at your lips; you could feel yourself start to overcome this art block.

You hadn't noticed by you started sketching whatever you saw, which meant you were also sketching the figure that leaned against the tree. He was short compared to the tree, but taller than you. His hair was short, cut to the middle of his neck, and he wore an outdated sweater. But his hair was unusally shiny...

That was when you realized who you were drawing. You looked down at your sketch book. It was Japan under the sakura tree. You looked up to see the exact figure on your paper standing under the tree.

A breeze blew over the two of you. Peeking petals from the buds came loose and blew with the wind, your haair doing the same. His back facing you, and he stood there, unmoving. You caught the breath in your throat, hoping he didn't notice you there and thought you were just some other girl. He let out a sigh and started turning around. Your eyes widened and you focused your gaze to your sketch book, your bangs hiding your eyes. When you saw that he hadn't recognized you, you quickly turned the page to your book and started to sketch the scene again. But this time with him facing you.

The end result looked slightly sloppy, but to you, it looked better than the previous drawing. You caught his hair shining in the sunlight perfectly, and his glowing eyes were captured without any flaws. And despite his tacky sweater and khaki pants, he looked...cute.

Your previous smile returned as you stared down at your drawing. It must have caught your model's attention, seeing that you were smiling down at paper, and he walked over to take a seat next to you. But you hadn't noticed as he peeked over at your paper. That's when he saw that you were drawing him. A blush tainted his cheeks, and he looked away from your paper, clearing his throat.

You looked up at him, an overly red blush covering your cheeks also. Realizing he saw your picture, you scrambled to close your sketch book, but you were stopped. A hand was placed on the page where he was drawn on and looked at you from the corner of his eye.

"I-is that me..?" he questioned, and you nodded. He took the sketch book with ease, and you allowed him to look at it.

Flipping through the pages, a smile formed on his face. "These are pretty werr drawn. Have you considered writing your own manga?"

"Yes, I actually have. That's the reason why I moved to Japan in the first place," you started before taking a breath. "But I kept getting art blocks, and I found it was pretty tough to do so..."

He nodded. "I could herp (help)... If you rike. I used to be a mangaka myserf," he whispered without meeting your gaze.

Your eyes immediately lit up. Getting help? From another mangaka?! How could you possible refuse? You almost said yes before he added another sentence.

"I drew Hetaria, you know," he breathed, almost inaudibly. H-him? H-he drew your favorite manga/anime?!

You could feel your heart skip a beat. Your idol was sitting right next to you. And he was Japan! I mean, he looked like Japan.

"Bu... Oh... Wha...." You stumbled over your words as you couldn't find the right thing to say.

"How did you come up with such an idea of personifications of countries?!" was all that came out of your mouth.

A silence filled the air, but it wasn't an awkward, cold one. It was warmer and more light. It was a good kind of silence. It lasted only a minute, but what felt like hours to you, when Kiku broke it.

"It is based off my rife..," he said. "That is why Alfred-san rooks rike America. It is because he is America. Just as I am Japan."

It took a moment for your mind to register what he just said, and just as it did, a big grin appeared on your face. "So it was perfectly fine to call you Japan months ago! And wow! I can't believe it... Countries actually exist!" You exclaimed, overly excited.

Seeing your excitement made Kiku chuckle. "So, about your manga, you could do the same. Write it about your rife," he said after you calmed down, receiving a nod from you.

"I guess I could do that! Arigato, Kiku!" You smiled and gave the Japanese man a light peck on the cheek. He blushed a deep red in return as he stood up.

"I wirr see you at work later," he said quickly before leaving just as quick as his words came out of his mouth. You giggled and started thinking of manga ideas. And that was when it hit you.

You would write a manga about Kiku and you, where you two would fall in love. He would be his country self, and you would be your human self. He would love you, you would love him, but problems would arise. It wouldn't allowed to fall in love with a human. So, he would find a way to be with you, even if it meant giving up his immortality of being a country to be with you for the rest of you lives.

"Yes, that sounds good," You whispered as you wrote this on the paper you drew Kiku on. "He would become my spring, and I, his sakura blossom."
God, this is so long... And I'm sorry about the last sentence. I came up with it on the spot. So don't blame me. It's pretty sucky, I know.

This is for a contest! More specifically, :icondonehetaliastyle:'s Spring 2013 contest!~
I hope this is okay... I mean, I think it's pretty bad for my first contect entry ever ^-^'

I chose Japan as the country to fall in love with Reader-chan because I wanted to do something new. My current works are mostly about America and England, so I thought why not change it up a bit? So, yeah... I really do hope the last sentence isn't too corny...

Hetalia © :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story © :iconlittlemisspapermoon:
You ©:iconjapansparklesplz:
Preview picture © ЯD【 ジン】</span>
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